The Church Fathers speak to the minds and hearts of every age.  The primary challenge we face is that our culture and its worldview stand in opposition to the mind of the Fathers.  As such, the way we approach reading the Church Fathers is critical.  Forgotten Lighthouse hopes to offer such an approach in order to bring these sacred writings into our daily lives.  In a world of false teachings, false pleasures, and false gods, the writings of the Church Fathers stand in our own time as forgotten lighthouses.  Yet, their writings continue to bear the light of Christ to a world in darkness.

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Each of these volumes have been written with an eye towards those looking to take a step deeper into understanding their faith and how it applies to their daily living and are born from working with youth, young adults, and adults in reading the Church Fathers.  These volumes are ideal for homeschoolers, schools, and local Church communities.

Introduction to the Church Fathers Series

Volume I:  Beginning to Read the Church Fathers (Coming this Fall!)

Description:  Beginning to Read the Church Fathers offers a first step into reading the actual writings of the Church Fathers.  Each of the ten reading selections open with five key questions to help guide the reader through the text.  At the end of each selection, explanations are provided to the questions, bringing insights and connections to the reader in relationship to the text.  These texts have been carefully selected in terms of their accessibility to the reader and cover a wide range of topics in the writings of the Church Fathers including prayer, fasting, worship, friendship, marriage, and wealth and poverty. (Ages 12 and up)

Instruction on the Christian Faith Series

Volume I:  Fundamental Assumptions of the Christian Faith (Coming this Fall!)

Description:  Before engaging the writings of the Church Fathers, there are basic assumptions that must be understood.  Written as a series of letters and in an accessible style, this book provides a critical foundation needed to open up the writings of the Church Fathers.  Fundamental Assumptions of the Christian Faith is the first step to a deep and meaningful study of the Church Fathers and Christian history.  (Ages 12 and up)

Volume II:  The Centrality of Christ (Coming this Winter!)

Description:  The Lord asks, “But who do you say that I am?” (Matt. 16: 15).  One only has to spend a little time with the first one thousand years of Christian history to understand that the most pressing question for Christians has been the person of Jesus Christ.  Today, we live in a moralistic and legalistic society that has difficulty understanding why the teachings on the person of Christ have anything to do with our lives as Christians.  The Centrality of Christ re-centers our thinking with the mind of the Church Fathers on how the entire creation is centered in the person of Christ who is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14: 6).  (Ages 12 and up)

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