What Does it Mean to be a Human?

This Course Seminar is available upon request for groups of 7-12 Attendees. The seminar is taught by Dr. Mark Tarpley and is taught in four 1.5 hr. live-online sessions. Please email us at hello@forgottenlighthouse.com for additional information.

Overview: There is no doubt that our culture is at a flash point related to the question of what it means to be a human, and by extension, what it means to be male and female. Are humans merely material, biological realities? Are they rational animals? Is the body good? Are humans really just social constructions? Is gender fluid? These and many more questions are presented to our children through our culture every day, and most of the public Christian responses are woefully inadequate. Yet, for Christians, every human question is ultimately a Christological question that is connected directly to the person of Christ, and every deviation from the truth of our humanity is tied to a rejection of the person of Jesus Christ. As such, it is vital that we have a clear, positive vision for our children deeply rooted in the teachings of the Patristic tradition which is so rich in its teaching on humanity. Nevertheless, understanding not only the positive vision but also the negative vision within a culture of change is of great importance for our children and so this seminar will also consider the departure of the West from the Patristic tradition as witnessed to through the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Feminism, and into Post-modernity through the reading of important historical texts.

In this Course Seminar, participants will grow in both pedagogical understanding as well as content/ideas. Pedagogically, participants will begin to think deeply about how to guide students through the question “What Does it Mean to be Human?” At the same time, the participant will be guided through a deep inquiry into the normative question of what it means to be a human as well.