Sacred Cosmos vs. Material Universe: The Challenge of Teaching Science for Christian Educators

This Course Seminar is available upon request for groups of 7-12 Attendees. The seminar is taught by Dr. Mark Tarpley and is taught in four 1.5 hr. live-online sessions. Please email us at for additional information.

Overview: With the dawn of the modern world came with it a new conception of creation. Rather than viewing the creation as bound by God in which He is everywhere present and fills all things and the world as sacramental, God becomes remote or even non-existent in relation to the creation. Even more, the creation is reduced to merely inert stuff to be observed through the rational mind, and the character of the knower is no longer essential in discerning the inner principles of creation. This radical shift from sacred cosmos to material universe represents a foundational shift in not only how man approaches the material world, but also how he ought to live.

In light of this radical shift in approach to the material creation in the modern world, how ought Christian educators to approach the teaching of science? In this seminar, foundational questions related to teaching science will be addressed in order to provide orientation to this very important and complex question.