Fall Seminar I:  Building the Foundations of Christian Paideia

Fall Seminar I: Building the Foundations of Christian Paideia

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 Fall Seminar I:  Building the Foundations of Christian Paideia

Note:  Register for Fall Seminar I and Fall Seminar II at the same time and save $100. Email us at hello@forgottenlighthouse.com to request the discount code.

(Registration assumes one participant per registration. For group discounts or private group seminars, please contact us hello@forgottenlighthouse.com. Registration closes Friday, August 19th.)

Seminar Description:

Christian paideia centers around who we are, how we teach, and

what we teach within the context of the sacramental, ascetical, and liturgical life of the Church. Despite the lies of modern, progressive education, every moment of a child’s life is formative, and as such, educational, with the heartbeat of Christian Paideia rooted in the family within the life of the Church. In this seminar, we will be building the foundations of Christian Paideia rooted in the vision of the Church Fathers from the ground up. Important Church Fathers such as St. John Chrysostom and St. Gregory the Theologian up to contemporary Church Fathers such as St. Porphyrios and St. Paisios the Athonite will be studied in this seminar.

As such, this seminar will serve three primary purposes in no particular order:

  1. To present in a robust and thoughtful way the teaching of the Orthodox tradition on the question of the formation of the child (Christian paideia) within the sacramental, ascetical, and liturgical life of the Church and in rejection of the modern, atheistic, institutional formation of the child.
  2. To offer a paradigm by which to teach our children the foundational teachings of the faith on marriage and family as the heartbeat of Christian paideia.
  3. To form the instructor pedagogically by modeling a traditional Christian paideia throughout the duration of the seminar.

    Seminar Expectations:  

    All course materials and assignments are included in the cost of the course. In addition, feedback will be provided on submitted assignments and is a unique and important part of the seminar. Preparation time by participants for each session is approximately 1-2 hrs. Recordings of the sessions for reference use will be provided for the duration of the course, will not be posted for public viewing, and will be available up to one week after the completion of the seminar.

    Instructor: Dr. Mark Tarpley (Click here for biographical information.)

    Dates and Time:  Four 1.5 hr. sessions on Zoom.

    8/29, 9/5, 9/12, and 9/19 (8:00 pm - 9:30 pm CDT)

    Cost:  $225

    *Minimum and maximum registrants:  7 - 10 (Please note:  Seven registrants are required in order for the seminar to make.)


    Reviews by Previous Participants:

    "... Dr. Tarpley’s approach has potential to end the longstanding Western modern captivity of Orthodox education and empower truly Christian education to flourish for the benefit of individual souls, the Church, and society."

    "Dr. Tarpley has a message for modern Christian education that everyone needs to hear! He was able to clarify the hunch that many Christian educators have today: There is a big problem with modern education and it is not compatible with a Christian worldview. Dr. Tarpley aptly clarifies and defines this suspicion, giving educators a clear alternative."