FREE Educational Seminars for Students and Educators

1.  What are the seminars?

The seminars present to students and teachers an opportunity to participate in a normative approach to education in contrast to a progressive model dominant in education today.  For students, the seminars seek to be instructive and inspiring in the learning process.  For educators, the best way to learn to teach is through modeling, so participation is not only educational in terms of content, but also formative as an instructor.  Some seminars are a blend of high school students and educators, some are for high school students only, and some are only for educators.  Regardless of attendees, the seminars assumes participation as a part of the community of learners.

2. Who can attend?

Students in high school (15 and up) and educators (homeschool and classroom educators of any grade level).  When you register for the seminar, we would just like to be able to confirm you are in an education space, so we kindly ask you to tell us your homeschooling community or school association in the registration process.  We kindly ask that anyone who is not in high school or an active educator to not register for the seminars.

3.  What are the purposes of the seminars?  

At Forgotten Lighthouse, we believe that local, face-to-face communities represent the ideal educational environment.  Our hope is to inspire students and educators within a live-online collaborative learning environment in order to strengthen local educational communities.  Our goal, however, is not to replace local communities.

4.  How I register?

Below, you will see a list of upcoming seminars.  Each seminar has a link to register for the seminar.


Textual Study:  "The Martyrdom of St. Polycarp"

This important Patristic text is a wonderful introduction to reading the Church Fathers, learning about the early Christian Church in the Roman Empire, and understanding how Christians approach history.  The text is short, but contains numerous important questions to be explored!

Audience:  Educators and High School Students

Dates:  8:00 - 9:00 pm CDT (8/3, 8/10, 8/17)

Minimum and maximum registrants:  5 - 15

Click here to register for this upcoming seminar.  For confirmation purposes, we ask that you inform us of the educational community you are a part of.

Click here to access the text.  The text should be read prior to the seminar.