The Mentorship Program - Mentoring Mentors

At Forgotten Lighthouse, we believe that teaching is an art, and educators are to be formed, not trained like cogs in a machine. As such, the purpose of the Mentorship Program is to strengthen local face-to-face educational communities by supporting the formation of educators, both homeschooling parents and teachers, in the art of teaching. The Mentorship Program is designed for educators who seek to instruct students or mentor other educators and seeks to draw deeply from the well of the Orthodox Christian tradition. Further, the Mentorship Program assumes modeling, imitation, and meaningful conversation as the basis of forming mature educators. Thus, becoming an effective educator requires participation and doing, not merely being talked at about what to do and is as much an ascetical labor as an intellectual pursuit.

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Textual Study:  "The Martyrdom of St. Polycarp"

Registration Closed. (Registration assumes one participant per registration. For group requests, please see the FAQs below.)

Registration closes Sunday, June 5th.

Seminar Description: This important Patristic text from the 2nd century provides an account of the martyrdom of St. Polycarp, who was the disciple of St. John the Theologian and one of the great Apostolic Fathers. This text is a wonderful introduction to reading the Church Fathers and learning about the early Christian Church in the Roman Empire. From a pedagogical perspective, participants will begin to think deeply about the foundational building blocks of textual reading as well as how to study history from a Christian perspective. The text is short, but contains numerous important questions to be explored and pedagogy nurtured.

Seminar Expectations:  All course materials, assignments, and assignment feedback are included in the cost of the course. Preparation time by participants for each session is approximately 1-2 hrs. Recordings of the sessions for reference use will be provided for the duration of the course and will not be posted for public viewing.

Level:  Foundations

Instructor: Dr. Mark Tarpley

Dates and Time:  Four 1.5 hr. sessions on Zoom.

June 7, 9, 14, and 16 (2:30 pm - 4:00 pm CDT)

Cost:  $200

Registration Closed.*

*Minimum and maximum registrants:  6 - 12 (Please note:  Six registrants are required in order for the seminar to make.)


1.  What is a seminar?

The seminars present to educators (parents and teachers) an opportunity to participate in a normative approach to education within the Orthodox Christian tradition in contrast to a progressive model dominant in education today.  For educators, the best way to learn to teach is through modeling and imitation, so participation in the seminars is not only educational in terms of gaining understanding of content, but also formative as an educator.  

2. Who can attend?

Educators (homeschool parents, classroom teachers of any grade level, and administrators).

3.  Can multiple people attend an instructional Zoom session on a computer screen under one registration?

Registration assumes one participant per registration. As such, we ask that only one person per registration attend on a computer screen during the instructional Zoom session. If a second person would like to participate, we ask that that person register for the seminar separately.

4. Are their group discounts for schools or co-ops?

 If you are a school or co-op looking to register more than three attendees, please email us at regarding a group discount.

5.  What is the purpose of the mentorship program?  

At Forgotten Lighthouse, we believe that local, face-to-face communities represent the ideal educational environment.  Our hope is to inspire educators within a live-online collaborative learning environment in order to strengthen local educational communities.  Our goal, however, is not to replace local communities but to strengthen them in order to establish autonomy and independence from machine based learning. 

6.  What do the seminar levels of Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced represent?

 *Seminar levels are based on the nature and purpose of the seminar and not on the experience of the educator.

Foundations:  Foundation level seminars focus on formation of the participants through the modeling of sound pedagogy by the instructor, completing assignments in preparation for sessions, receiving feedback on assignments, and engaging in meaningful conversation during the sessions in relation to pedagogy, philosophy, and content.

Intermediate:  Intermediate level seminars focus on philosophy of education. The ability to connect sound practice with sound philosophy as well as be able to critique non-Christian educational philosophies and their manifestations in practice is a critical part of a mature educator.

Advanced:  Advanced level seminars are working practicums. Participants will actively be engaging in preparing and delivering instruction and engaging in rigorous and meaningful discussion about both practice and philosophy of education.