About Us

Our Team

We are a small group of Christian educators who desire to create quality resources to serve homeschool families and schools.

Our Purpose

As Christian educators, we recognize that families and schools today are caught between two educational approaches - the progressive and the neoclassical.  While we recognize that the neoclassical approach is more advantageous than the progressive approach, we also recognize that neither of these represents a traditional approach to Christian paideia.  Our goal at Forgotten Lighthouse is to produce educational resources which embody a traditional approach to Christian paideia rooted in the early Church teachings of the Church Fathers as normative.  Such an approach seeks to foster within the child a deep understanding of who he is and who he ought to be in light of the person of Jesus Christ.


Mark Tarpley, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark Tarpley earned his B.A. and Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Southern Methodist University, and his M.Div. from St. Tikhon’s Theological Seminary. He had the privilege to work under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Veniamin, Professor of Patristics at St. Tikhon’s Theological Seminary and Dean of the Antiochian House of Studies, for both his M.Div. thesis and doctoral dissertation. His graduate work focused on the Church Fathers in the context of marriage, family, and education.

Professionally, Mark has taught in public and private schools and holds a teaching certificate in math 8-12. His instructional experience includes middle school, high school, undergraduate, master’s level, and doctoral level courses. He has taught a variety of courses including upper school math courses, Patristic and Medieval history, Latin, logic, moral theology, the problem of evil, and comparative studies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Gregory the Theologian on family, marriage, and children.