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Please find below an overview outline of each lesson and course usage recommendations which include general usage guidelines, sample schedules, and course extension projects.

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Course Overview:

Lesson 1:  An introduction to each lesson and course usage recommendations.

Lesson 2:  This lesson presents the historical context in which “The Martyrdom of St. Polycarp” was written in order to better situate the reader prior to reading the text.

Lesson 3:   Here, you will be able to access the actual text to read.  In addition, you will be offered five core reflection questions to consider as you read the text. These core questions center on key themes within the text and seek to focus the reader in the reading of the text.

Lesson 4:  In this lesson, you will complete a fact-check exercise in order to sure-up your factual knowledge of the text as you continue to reflect on the core questions presented in Lesson 3.

Lesson 5:  This lesson will take you deeper into the text by completing an evaluative exercise as you consider more substantive questions presented within the text.

Lesson 6:  The final lesson offers you engaging explanation videos in relationship to the five core questions presented in Lesson 3.  These videos provide an opportunity for you to receive explanations and reflect more deeply on the text.

Lesson 7:  Course Survey

Course Usage Recommendations:

Below are a few user scenarios to consider, although you are certainly not limited to these options.  If you utilize the course in a different way, we would love to hear from you at

  1. Click here for Group Setting (Schooling)
  2. Click here for Individual Setting (Schooling)
  3. Click here for Group Setting (Church)
  4. Click here for Self-Study

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