Fact-Check Exercise


In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to work through a fact-check exercise of the text.  The fact-check exercise will engage factual information presented in the text to secure a working knowledge of the text.  As such, the fact-check exercise is offered as much as a learning opportunity for the reader as an opportunity to see what the reader “does or does not know.” We encourage you to utilize the text as you complete the exercise.

Core Questions Reminder:

  1. How does the description of St. Polycarp mirror the gospel narrative of Christ’s crucifixion?
  2. How is Christian leadership portrayed in the text?
  3. What is the distinction between those who are faithful to Christ in martyrdom and those who deny Christ in the face of martyrdom?
  4. How is love of one’s enemy developed in the text?
  5. Following the martyrdom of St. Polycarp, what do the Christians do in relationship to St. Polycarp’s remains? Why do you think they do what they do?

We Welcome Your Feedback on this Lesson Once You Complete the Fact-Check Exercise Below!

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