Introducing The Introduction to the Church Fathers Series

Beginning to read the Church Fathers can prove difficult for a number of reasons.  One common challenge is people often do not know where to begin.  They may pick up a volume of homilies or a theological discourse and begin reading, which is similar to starting to read the Bible beginning with Deuteronomy, quickly feeling overwhelmed and disinterested.  Another reason is that the Church Fathers can be perceived as difficult to understand.  The texts can be dense and represent a worldview radically different from the Western world today.  The Introduction to the Church Father Series seeks to address these types of common problems.  Based on years of experience teaching the Church Fathers to youth, young adults, and adults, Dr. Tarpley has curated a selection of texts that are accessible to the reader.  More importantly, each selected reading offers guiding questions to support the reader and concludes with thoughtful commentary on those guiding questions to deepen the readers understanding of the text and build important connections with the mind of the Church Fathers.

Volumes for this Series include:

Volume I:  Beginning to Read the Church Fathers (Available Now!)

Volume II:  The Lives of the Saints (Forthcoming)

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