Introducing The Foundations Series

Upon first glance, one might think that The Foundations Series is designed only for a theology class.  Such an assumption shows how far Christian education has drifted from traditional Christian education.  We compartmentalize theology to a discipline rather than recognizing the permeation of the beliefs, ideas, and assumptions we hold dear in our faith into every aspect of our lives.  These foundational ideas are not merely an intellectual exercise but are rooted in and born out of a culture, that is, the life of the Church.  From within this culture, i.e., the Church, is the well-spring of life given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.  We do not teach virtue as Christians.  We cultivate virtue.  As such, these volumes provide an introduction into a worldview largely forgotten, even among Christians today, which is necessary in order to not just study the Church Fathers, but understand how Christians ought to understand and engage the world around them – marriage, family, education, work, technology, and so on.  The Foundation Series seeks to articulate the foundational assumptions of the Christian faith that have been given to us through the saints who have preserved the great inheritance of our faith up until today, so that we also may become partakers of Christ to His glory.

Volumes for this Series include:

Volume I:  Fundamental Assumptions of the Christian Faith (Coming this Winter!)

Volume II:  The Centrality of Christ (Coming this Winter!)

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