Please Read: The Purpose of this Education Resource Center

The Education Resource Center (ERC) serves as a resource for those reading and utilizing the books offered by Forgotten Lighthouse.  The ERC also offers additional educational articles and videos that reinforce the content published by Forgotten Lighthouse.  While the books we publish may be utilized for youth, young adults, and adults alike, they are largely written out of an experience of working with youth and young adults for fifteen years in the classroom and Church context.  Consequently, those using these books in the context of the homeschool, classroom, and Church should find themselves at ease.

Further, we hope this space will offer additional support to our instructors and readers in considering not only the various ways in which these books and materials can be used, but equally important, why they should be used.  At Forgotten Lighthouse, we believe it is not merely enough just to read good books.  We also believe that it is imperative that we think deeply about how and why we read good books in order for good books to reach their intended purpose.  

With this brief introduction, we offer to you this Education Resource Center that we hope will prove beneficial and inspiring to you.