Education Resource Center

  • Please Read: The Purpose of this Education Resource Center

    This blog space serves as a resource for those reading and utilizing the books offered by Forgotten Lighthouse.  While the books we publish may be utilized for youth, young adults, and adults alike, they are largely written out of an experience of working with youth and young adults for two decades in the classroom and Church context.  Consequently, those using these books in the context of the homeschool, classroom, and Church should find themselves at ease using these books.
  • Introducing The Introduction to the Church Fathers Series

    Beginning to read the Church Fathers can prove difficult for a number of reasons.  One common challenge is people often do not know where to begin.  They may pick up a volume of homilies or a theological discourse and begin reading, which is similar to starting to read the Bible beginning with Deuteronomy, quickly feeling overwhelmed and disinterested.  Another reason is that the Church Fathers can be perceived as difficult to understand. 

  • Introducing The Guided Exploration Series

     The Guided Explorations Series holds a two-fold purpose: (1) To support educators, both classroom teachers and homeschooling parents, in their...